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May 25, 2017With a "mobile first" strategy, our iOS app is live on the Apple App Store. NavMonster is back!
May 29, 2017Initial release of the NavMonster website.
Jun 16, 2017NavMonster now dispalys TFRs along your route.
June 18, 2017Significant improvments to the Area Reports engine, which now decodes FAs in a human readable format. No more cryptic abbreviations.
June 25, 2017NavMonster now displays Aviation Forecast Discussions. The FAA describes AFDs as additional aviation related issues that cannot be encoded into the TAF. The discussion also gives some reasoning behind the forecast. These are generated roughly every 6 hours and corresponds to the release of the latest TAFs for that office.
July 11, 2017The Airplanista blog gave NavMonster a thorough look. They specifically called out the ease of use and how convenient it was to get a briefing. See what they had to say here.
July 13, 2017NavMonster now displays NOTAMs along your route.
Aug 12, 2017The first of the Airventure feedback is ready, radar loops. More coming shortly.
Aug 14, 2017The iOS app now includes a flight map. We're closing in on having parity between the web site and the iOS app. And ... our Android development is progressing nicely, we're getting close.
Aug 24, 2017The iOS app now includes a list of waypoints, detailed data on each airport along your flight, and a radar slideshow
Aug 26, 2017NavMonster now displays TFRs right on the map. Additional map imagery coming soon.