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Q: Is this for real?
Absolutely. Planning a flight starts out with a quick peek at the weather. NavMonster grabs all the data you need to make the go / no go decision, and intelligently dispalys that info. Better than anybody.
Q: What's changed?
It's all about collecting the data you need and dispalying that data logically. We do a better job of presenting pertinent data so you can visualize your flight. We're on the web for the large screen experince, on the App Store to get a quick check on the go, and dillegently working on an Android app.
Q: Is it really free?
Yes. Flight safety is paramount. We want you to use NavMonster (and so do our advertisers). NavMonster is offered gratis.
Q: Will you be at AirVenture?
Yes, and we want to hear from you. We'll be in Exhibit Hangar A, booth 1114. Come by and share your flight planning issues, and we'll strive to improve the experience.